Soyuz Launch Adventure By The Numbers | Infographic - Astronaut Abby

Soyuz Launch Adventure By The Numbers | Infographic

Wondering about the numbers behind my upcoming Soyuz Launch Adventure?

Here’s a great infographic designed by a supporter of mine Kristin Peterson of Grand Ciel Branding and Design that does a great job visualizing the numbers behind my Soyuz Launch Adventure. Please check it out and share it too. You can download a PDF version here!

Soyuz Launch Adventure


  1. That’s Fantastic ! ….. Well Presented. Such a Wonderful Effort to Promote and Help People Understand The Statistics of Abby’s Adventure.


  1. […] have been able to learn myself,” Harrison said. She also has corporate sponsors, graphic designers and public relations types on her side to keep the mission on track. But her key space connection […]

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