Luca Parmitano's International Space Station "Earth Liaison"

A New Adventure: Serving as Luca’s “Earth Liaison”

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Luca Parmitano

I have exciting news to share. Luca has asked me to be his Earth-bound Liaison while he is aboard the International Space Station from June-November 2013. What does that mean? I will be emailing daily with Luca to learn about his experiences living and working on the space station. I will work with Luca to help share his experience with kids and adults worldwide! Luca will be using social media to share his experience as well as sharing more detailed information with me. Follow both of us to get the full inside scoop! This is going to be one amazing adventure! Read the press release below and also this great article that just published yesterday about this news!

Italian Astronaut Selects U.S. High School Student to Be His

Earth Liaison While at International Space Station


Astronaut Luca Parmitano Will Communicate Directly with

15 Yr Old STEM Student to Share Life in Space Real Time


April 24, 2013 {Minneapolis, MN} –STEM {Science, Technology, Engineering, Math} High School Sophomore Girl and Astronaut-in-Training, Abigail Harrison, has been hand-picked by Italian Astronaut, Luca Parmitano, to be his “Earth Liaison” while he resides at the International Space Station after the Russian Soyuz launch, Soyuz-TMA-09M, in Kazakhstan on May 28, 2013.  Astronaut Abby, who will be in attendance at the launch as a VIP guest of Parmitano, will launch her social media campaign, bringing space down to earth through daily conversations with Parmitano that she will then share with the world.

Harrison’s goal is to use the power of social media to reach budding scientists and avid space followers alike:

  • Sharing daily emails from Luca Parmitano while living at the International Space Station via
  • Launching an “Ask Luca” blog post series where Harrison will facilitate Astronaut Abby reader questions directly to Parmitano and report her findings
  • Introducing “Pen Pal Program” where Astronaut Abby will send readers from around the world personal emails about her first-hand experiences
  • Posting on Astronaut Abby Social Media Outlets:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube
  • Penning articles and blog posts for national science publications + NASA ISS Blog
  • Leading Skype classroom chats with students + teachers worldwide
  • Visiting classrooms nationwide
  • Speaking at space and STEM conferences and events worldwide. Harrison has been invited to speak at The Mars Society International Convention in Boulder, Colorado on August 17th and is also scheduled to participate in World Space Week October 4-10. Other engagements to be announced.

“I am extremely honored to have daily communication directly with Luca while he is working at the International Space Station, and am excited to integrate this experience into my STEM and space exploration outreach campaign,” said Abigail Harrison. “As Luca’s Earth Liaison, I will be able to help ensure that kids around the world will be inspired by his life in space. This is thrilling, I can hardly wait!”

“The ability to share my experiences on my first flight to space directly with thousands of space enthusiasts around the world is amazing,” said Luca Parmitano, European Space Agency Astronaut.  “Abby is the perfect partner to achieve this.  She represents the passion of today’s youth and the promise of tomorrow.”

When: Leave for Russia on May 19, 2013; Attend pre-launch and launch events May 21 – May 30, 2013; Return to Minnesota on May 30, 2013. Earth Liaison June 2013 November 2013.

Contact: To contact Abby Harrison for interview or information and images: Lindsay DiLorenzo,; 612.723.3606

To contact for information on the Russian Soyuz Launch: Alessandra Vallo,

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